The Pegasus team: Bio's and backgrounds


​ Kevin Shipman, Partner 

With over 30 years of Corporate and Field-based experience in both the Government and Private Sectors, Kevin is a proven leader of both people and projects. With a successful track record as a Security, Intelligence, and Risk Management Professional, Kevin has served in multiple roles at home and abroad. He has been based in Jakarta, Indonesia for the past 17 years, where he currently enjoys extraordinary access within the Law Enforcement, Military, and Government Communities. Kevin currently serves is a Procurement Specialist supplying Western technology and products to authorized Indonesian End Users.

Shipman also possesses extensive experience in the Hospitality Sector, protecting luxury Hotel brands in high-threat Markets, including The Langham, JW Marriott, Ritz Carlton, Fairmont, Swissotel, and Shangri-la. This Industry requires Intelligence-driven Threat and Risk Assessments, effective counter-measures, well-trained personnel, and reflexive Emergency Response protocols. His background also includes a decade of providing Security support for VVIP in-house Guests including Heads of State, F500 CEO’s, Royalty, Celebrities, and High-Net Worth individuals.

Shipman and the Pegasus Team also serve the Energy (Oil and Gas) and Extractive (Mining) Sectors in Indonesia. These Industries pose very particular Security challenges due to the combination of Safety Hazards, Security Risks, Loss Prevention Vulnerabilities, and remote site locations. We have supported these Clients by crafting bespoke Plans, performing targeted Assessments, and by managing 24/7 Security Operations in Papua, Sumbawa, Sumatra and Kalimantan.

Previously he spent 4 years as Life Support Services Contract Manager for the Diplomatic Security Service’s Anti-Terrorism Assistance Program (DS-ATA), working with Indonesia’s elite Police counter-terrorism squad, Detachment-88. Prior to Indonesia, Kevin was a DoD and DoS Contractor posted in Baghdad, Iraq and Dubai, UAE.

Aaron James Kennedy, Owner and Managing Partner 

Aaron founded two Indonesian Limited Liability Companies (Perseroan Terbatas) – Pegasus Consulting Group and Paradigm Consulting International – to capitalize on the need to support Western companies entering the Indo Markets with critical coaching and guidance on everything from strategic Partnerships, to Distribution, to regulatory compliance (ITAR, FCPA, etc). Aaron and his companies have cultivated an impeccable reputation for professionalism and performance, with particular expertise and success in the procurement of specialized goods and services for the Government sector, in Indonesia, Southeast Asia, and India. Aaron’s Clients benefit from protective intelligence and experience that safeguards the OEM and their technology from common IP infringements such as licensing violations, piracy, and corporate espionage. 

Aaron is a Canadian Citizen and long-term Indonesian Ex-Pat. He is a skilled Networker, a serial Entrepreneur, with experience in both the Military and Private Security Sectors. This rare combination has made him the “go-to” source for facilitating complex procurement and transfer of technology opportunities.