Risk management and physical security


There is inherent Risk in everything we do. And your Company needs to take Risks to grow, develop, and to seize opportunities. The Pegasus Team can expertly assess, analyze, and manage your Organizational, Physical, and Project Threats and Risks. We identify Vulnerabilities, design and implement effective counter-measures, and continuously monitor changes to ensure that outcomes are “stabilized or reduced” to acceptable levels.

Our in-house and Partner Consultants and Advisors are fluent in ISO 31000 and 31030 principles, practices, and methodologies. We are Client-centric, Mission-oriented, and adaptable to a broad spectrum of Industries, applications, and requirements. Pegasus is a Leader in the Physical Security environment , offering international-standard expertise and Advisories in critical areas such as Threat and Risk Assessments, Security Management and Planning, Emergency Response, Security design, Access Controls, Technical Surveillance and Workforce monitoring systems, Counter-Terrorism/ Anti-Terrorism, Surveillance Detection, Explosives detection, K9 Units, Security equipment Sourcing and Procurement, Community Relations, sensitive Investigations, and Asset Recovery.

Pegasus is a proud Leader in the provision of customized Risk Management and Physical Security solutions across the following Sectors: Hospitality, Property Development, Travel/ Journey Management, Oil & Gas, Mining, and Finance.